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About us


Our Diving Centre offers safety and security of the divers as this is our main interest. We have chosen “Aqualung”, one of the most reliable and long lasting companies for diving equipment by Jacques Cousteau, as we want to ensure the safety and pleasure of your diving experience. The diving equipment consists of breathing regulators by Aqualung and Scuba Pro, BCD Aqualung, masks Technisub, long wet suits 5.5 mm, monoshorts 3mm, flippers open and closed style, all with the guarantee of Aqualung. All the bottles are from steel 10 lt, 12 lt, 15 lt, and 6 lt for our young friends and fans of bubble making (A PADI certified course for children)! The bottles are filled by two top quality compressors, L&W 225 E and L&W 280 E.

Lepia Dive Centre


The Diving Centre LEPIA was established and built in 2012 by using local stone and natural materials. It includes all the necessary infrastructures for the excellent service for all our scuba divers such as showers, a comfortable waiting room, show room for diving equipment, W.C with wheelchair access and we have built it especially to provide easy access for people with mobility difficulties/wheelchair. Our facilities include a classroom, fully equipped with up to date audiovisual for the theoretical diving courses while practical courses for beginners and children will take place in a secure aquatic environment or in the swimming pool. We also have specialist courses designed for people with disabilities (approved by DDI – Disabled Divers International).

Our team

Sakis Administrator, Dive Leader

Economist and business administrator who loves reading, cooking, traveling and more.

Stam Owner, Resident Instructor

Mathematician. His best friends are his dogs. Loves walking with them, reading and watching good movies. Permanently unshaved.

Manolis Owner, Captain

Skipper in sailing boats. Loves really long walks with his dog, reading and curving wooden figures. Unshaved, but not permanently.

Tony Instructor, Dive Leader

Lifeguard at EES. Takes care of his dog and enjoys playing PC games. Permanently unshaved.

Yannis Dive Leader

Mathematician. He loves sailing, reading, traveling, and socializing through alcohol - beer mostly. Unshaved.

Karina Dive Leader

Professional Volley Ball player. Owns a cat - why on earth a cat after all these dogs! Loves reading, biking, water skiing and traveling.